Rt Hon Sir Keir Starmer MP affirms Labour Party support for ICC investigation in Palestine

Rt Hon Sir Keir Starmer addressed the Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East Parliamentary Reception this week and affirmed the Labour Party’s support for a two-state solution, the party’s opposition to forced eviction of Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem and Labour’s commitment to immediate Recognition. In a wide ranging speech on Palestine, Sir Keir stressed that support for rule of law and upholding human rights are core values for Labour. He also reaffirmed Labour’s respect for the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) current investigation into allegations of war crimes in Israel and Palestine. Sir Keir’s emphasis on the independence of the ICC stands in marked contrast to  Boris Johnson whose vocal opposition to the investigation has been condemned  by charities as political interference with the court. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/boris-johnson-israel-war-crimes-b1832624.html

At the reception, attended by many Labour MPs, Ambassadors from the Middle East and key human rights campaigners, the Palestinian Ambassador HE Husam Zomlot echoed the Labour Leader’s call for respect for international law. The Palestinian Ambassador went on to call on the Labour Party to support actions that bring about real change and called for a UK ban on settlement produce which violates international law.

Bambos Charalambous, the Shadow Middle East Minister re-stated the Labour Party’s commitment to pursuing a foreign policy based on human rights, with international law as its cornerstone

Julie Elliot MP the Chair of Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East said

“We are delighted to see Keir at our Reception and hear him strongly support the ICC’s investigation into war crimes in Israel and Palestine. The Labour Party has always been a friend of Palestine and it was great to see this reaffirmed by the Leader in his first personal appearance at our annual reception in Parliament.”



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