Debate in Parliament on ‘Israel & Palestinian talks’

On Wednesday July 5th, after Prime Minister’s Questions Time, there will be a General Debate in the Main Chamber titled Israel and Palestinian Talks’. The window on the two-state solution is rapidly closing and there is a greater need for the international community to work with the parties in the region towards finding a just and peaceful solution. There have been a number of inhibiting factors making the situation on the ground increasingly untenable from the blockade of the Gaza Strip, the increase in illegal settlement activity to the continued occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem which, in 2017, has now reached its 50th anniversary.

2017 is a year of key anniversaries, 50 years of the Israeli occupation, 10 years of the Gaza blockade and 100 years since the Balfour Declaration was issued. This timely debate will give members of the house an opportunity to raise a number of issues from the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian Territories to the continued blockade of the Gaza Strip.

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