Simon Danczuk MP seeks assurances for Palestinian and Arab citizens of Israel

Following William Hague’s recent meetings with Binyamin Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni in Tel Aviv, Rochdale’s MP, Simon Danczuk, has sought assurances from the British Government that the continuing peace process will not overlook the considerable grievances of Palestinians and Arab citizens of Israel.

Simon Danczuk MP raised the Israeli Government’s controversial plans to introduce a compulsory loyalty oath to the ‘Jewish, democratic state’, as well as to build over 1000 new settler homes in occupied East Jerusalem, with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office this week. Although the government’s spokesman on the Middle East indicated that the Coalition is concerned about the Israeli proposals, Simon Danczuk has urged those who sympathise with the Palestinians’ cause to step-up their campaigning.

“The Israeli Government seems intent upon making Palestinians and Arab-Israelis second-class citizens in their own country”, Mr Danczuk said. “Although Netanyahu has long dismissed accusations of apartheid as scaremongering, this proposal, which could force non-Jewish individuals, and their families, to swear loyalty to a state that discriminates against them, will only strengthen the case against him.” He also welcomed the opposition to the oath amongst ordinary Israelis and said he was “encouraged” by the Israeli Labour Party’s opposition to the move.

Simon Danczuk MP has a strong record of solidarity with the struggle for justice in the Middle East; after a visit to the occupied Palestinian territories, he used his maiden speech to condemn the West Bank Barrier as an “Apartheid wall”.

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